5% depositWith every purchase of a home, you need a minimum 5% deposit available at settlement, the day you receive your key. This ideally needs to be genuinely saved and held in a bank account for a minimum of 3 months, but did you know you could also qualify in the following ways-



*You could have a Guarantor – this is someone who is happy to offer a home as additional security to help cover your deposit needed. Most cases this needs to be parents or family, but there are exceptions, ask us.


*You can receive a gift to cover your 5% deposit – from family wanting to help you purchase a home.  This gift must be non-repayable. Conditions apply, ask us.


*Rental Ledger – If you have been renting through a Real Estate Agent for 12 months, this ledger can help you qualify for “the genuine savings”.  Remember you still need to have access to 5% in cash by the settlement date.


*History of payments on other loans – If you have been paying additional payments on a personal loan, car loan or any other loan, the bank will count this toward your genuine savings. ”.  Remember you still need to have access to 5% in cash by the settlement date.


*Gap Finance – this option is for higher income earners who have not been able to save a deposit yet but want to look at purchasing now. This is an additional loan over 5 years helping with any shortfall.  All repayments are to be declared on your Home Loan application. Conditions apply.


*Selling an asset like a car, boat to obtain the deposit.  Conditions apply, ask us.


*Using a tax refund to put toward the deposit.

Terms and Conditions apply.

The other ways of getting a 5% deposit -




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