How Refinancing Can Save You Thousands! -

Not to long ago we reviewed a client who had been with her bank for many years – a loyal customer, she had not left. The loyal rate that the bank decides to give clients in this case is the Standard Variable Rate, the highest rate they have.





Eventually, this client knocked on the door of Green Apples Finance. We reviewed her situation and found we could get her a rate in the mid 3s, way below her rate in the high 4’s. 




This saved our client over $12,000 in interest in just 2 years! 


This meant she could save to take her family on a holiday, she was stoked.



The moral of this story is, if you haven’t checked your rate for the last couple of years, you are giving the bank money that could be in your pocket! 





Check with the people who want to give you the best experience possible and really care about you – Green Apples Finance Australia 🙂


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