Why paying your bills on time is a good thing

Paying Bills on Time The best way to ensure your bills are paid on time is to have a plan. To keep it simple I have broken the bill paying process down into 3 areas. Create a bills checklist What are the benefits of paying bills on time? Why is it important to pay your […]

5 types of GENUINE Savings

By James O’Shea When going for your first home loan and you want to borrow 95% Lenders will always ask you about your ‘genuine savings’. This describes the savings you have accumulated by yourself. Every lender has its own policy for genuine savings, which depends on the amount that you borrow, and some may not even […]


Budgeting -

By Greg Terry   A budget can be defined as a financial plan, typically one year. A household budget typically comprises of income and expenses.   Have a financial target, use a budget as a ‘Gateway to your Future’. Once you have achieved your first budget successfully make sure you reward yourself in some way, […]


Our BEGINNINGS Journey -

  Our Beginnings journey started about 2 years ago now. One of our brokers came up with the idea for education, primarily for our clients, but we then decided that it needed to get out there to anyone and everyone!   We started sharing it just recently to people outside our networks, and it has […]

The other ways of getting a 5% deposit

5% deposit

With every purchase of a home, you need a minimum 5% deposit available at settlement, the day you receive your key. This ideally needs to be genuinely saved and held in a bank account for a minimum of 3 months, but did you know you could also qualify in the following ways-     *You […]



What exactly is this thing called After pay? Why is everyone getting it, and why are we banging on about NOT getting it? Many of us have done a layby or two in our time. This ‘version’ however is looked at very differently in the home loan space. This is a ‘take your goods now, […]

Property Investment Information Night

Property Investment Information Night -

Property Information Night – Hosted by Green Apples Finance Australia Make sure you are on the right path! Are you interested in growing your wealth through property investment? Do you already have an investment property and want to understand more about depreciation, capital gains tax and tax planning? Are you a first home buyer who […]

How Refinancing Can Save You Thousands!

Not to long ago we reviewed a client who had been with her bank for many years – a loyal customer, she had not left. The loyal rate that the bank decides to give clients in this case is the Standard Variable Rate, the highest rate they have.         Eventually, this client knocked […]

FAQ about Brokers

What is a Mortgage Broker? A mortgage broker is the middle person between you and a range of lenders. Going to a mortgage broker is like going to multiple banks at once to find the best deal for you, based on your personal situation.    A broker should have the experience and understanding of multiple […]

Don’t miss out on the property of your dreams!

Don’t miss out on the property of your dreams! -

Without getting a pre-approval from the bank first, you can easily miss out on securing a home.Stories of heartbreak are common at auctions, where the buyer puts down a deposit after winning but then wastes precious time applying for a mortgage that may be declined.So what is a pre-approval and how can it give you […]