About Us.

At Green Apples Finance Australia, we are a Family business and a bit different! Once you are a client with us, you’re our client for life. Our aim is to always be there for you at every step in your journey – from saving for your first home to buying a new car, to buying an investment property, or even starting a new business – Green Apples Finance Australia will be there to help. We believe it is our role to guide you through the financial maze and find solutions to make it happen so you can achieve your goals. With us, you will never have to walk into a bank for finance again – Green Apples Finance Australia will do it all for you. We also have a great team of partners who we can call upon for all the extras, such as protecting your wealth with insurances and sorting out the ‘legal’ stuff. So, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and have a chat to us.

Our Team.

Green Apples Finance Australia NSW

Jenel Neal (McClelland) | Founder & Mobile Mortgage Broker

James O’Shea | Mobile Mortgage Broker